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Best Baby Bouncer

Being a new mom is stressful, and all mothers need a break sometimes. Bouncers are almost an absolute must for moms of new babies! We have found, compared, reviewed, and compiled a list of the best baby bouncer seats just for you!

Here is the list of Best Baby Bouncer and Swings

1.Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher-Price is a well-established brand that has been making quality products for ages, and will most likely be for ages more.This lightweight Deluxe Bouncer by them comes at about $60, and comes in first on our best baby bouncer list!

It is made with the softest fabric and a strong base. The harness comes adjustable to ensure proper safety for your baby.The deep seat and the head and neck support insert makes it much more comfy. It also comes with a few nice stimulating toys to keep your little one entertained. The soothing nature sounds, our listmusic, and vibrations are perfect for soothing when your baby is cranky or tired.  This stylish bouncer is designed to provide safe and engaging fun for your baby, which is why we feel it is the our list of best baby bouncer seats!


What We Loved
  • It’s super easy to clean, you can easily remove the cloth cover on this bouncer seat and throw it in the wash!
  • It’s lightweight, and easy to transport.
  • It’s stimulating without being overwhelming.
Things To Keep In Mind
  • The base is a bit wide.
  • The vibrations aren’t as strong as other bouncers. It is meant to softly soothe your baby.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • I love it, my baby is now 6 months and we have been using it since she was a newborn. It works perfect to entertain her and give me a break!
  • The head support insert is a nice plus, definitely the best baby bouncer!
  • A must need for all mothers! This bouncy seat is a life saver!!


2. Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer

Number two on our list of best baby bouncer seats is another one from Fisher-Price, it is clear they know what they are doing when it comes to making the best baby bouncer seats!  Costing about $35, this baby bouncer comes with an elegant curvy shape and simple concept.

The bright colors are a nice touch. Its sleek design doesn’t take up much space and makes for easy transporting room-to-room, or even outside of the home. This seat comes with a removable bar that contains two toys; a raccoon rattle ball and a dear rings toy. This seat is one of the best baby bouncer seats for entertaining baby. The seat gently bounces with ease as you baby kicks, for a fun time. Also, includes gentle vibrations for a calming nap for your baby.



What We Loved
  • It has a comfortable seat for baby, keeping them in the perfect position.
  • The removable bar makes it easier for putting baby in, and taking out of the seat.
  • Simple design without being too bland.
Things To Keep In Mind
  • The toy bar may be too high for small babies.
  • The bouncer has no sounds or music.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • So easy to assemble and transport
  • My son absolutely loves swatting at the toys. They are very entertaining
  • This is by far my favorite baby accessory! The best baby bouncer


3. Ingenuity InReach Mobile Lounger and Bouncer

Ingenuity isn’t a brand many have heard of, but this baby bouncer /Lounger surely should put them on the map and on their way to being the best bouncer seat makers! Coming in at about $100 This multi-function baby bouncer is not only a bouncer seat but a lounger with wheels!

This bouncer seat comes with many melodies, nature sounds and soothing vibrations with an automatic shut off set for 25 minutes for comforting your little one. There is a small sunvisor bar, and two stuffed toys that hang from it for baby’s entertainment. You turn the bouncer seat into a lounger by connecting it onto the bottom piece that came with it. The lounger addition sits your baby pretty upright, and I personally use it sometimes at the dinner table to feed my baby in! While the seat is a lounger, the bottom has wheels! You can move your baby from room to room with ease! The only reason this seat has not been made number one on our list of best baby bouncer seats is that of the higher price. Although, for the price, what this seat does is well worth it!



What We Loved
  • The multi-purpose use for this bouncer is a great plus
  • It plays nice soft soothing music and sounds
  • Its super comfortable seat with 4 point straps for baby safety
Things To Keep In Mind
  • The wheels are not very sturdy, but are easily removable.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • I love that I can use this for entertaining my baby and for feeding my baby! So convenient!
  • I had a c-section and this was perfect for putting baby in without having to bend low to and hurt myself!
  • The wheels don’t work very well for me, but they were easy to just detach still the best baby bouncer!


4. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer is number four on our list of best baby bouncer seats, with a price of about $44. It has a bright color scheme with a sea design, and a double bar design with sea animal toy attachments!

This baby bouncer is a good product to keep baby fully entertained while you want your time! With the double accessory bars on the sides of the seat, making it easy to put your baby in and take your baby out of the seat. It has a combination of music and lights to keeps your baby stimulated throughout their playtime, with calming vibrations to add! Baby sits upright and comfortable in this bouncer seat!




What We Loved
  • The design with play bars on the side, making it more convenient for putting in and removing your baby from the bouncer seat.
  • The lights, sounds, toys, and vibrations make for a great distraction for your baby.
  • Very comfortable, it is made with very soft and cushiony material.
Things To Keep In Mind
  • It can be a little tough to assemble.
  • The repetitive music on this bouncer is a tad annoying.
  • There is only a sea theme for this bouncer, it doesn’t offer a variety of colors.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • It is so easy to take put my baby in and take her out of this seat! The play bars are out of the way, and I don’t have to worry about bumping her head!
  • I love the sounds and vibrations of this bouncer seat, buts my little one right to sleep!
  • This is the best thing I have purchased for my baby yet!


5.Ingenuity Boutique Collection Rocking Seat

Number 5 on our list of the best baby bouncer seats is Ingenuity Boutique Collection Rocking Seat. Coming in at about $70.  This bouncer is stylishly designed with the easy fold for storing capabilities.

This is the best baby bouncer for taking on the go, with its easy fold flat options. It has an adjustable seat so you can put your baby in the perfect position. Its seat is made with plush fabric to keep your baby oh so comfortable. The mobile, along with soothing vibrations and music -with volume controls- provides just the right amount of stimulation for your baby. Lightweight material makes it easy to carry this baby bouncer from room to room, or fold it up and put it in the car for taking on the go!



What We Loved

It’s compact size makes it easy to fit anywhere.

  • We LOVE that it folds flat, convenient for storing when it is not in use, and for taking on the go!
  • It has an adjustable volume of the music.
  • It has adjustable recline options so you can put your baby in the perfect position.
Things To Keep In Mind
  • It only comes in gray and white unisex color, there is not a variety of color options.
  • The vibrations on this baby bouncer can be a bit loud, not too loud; but annoying.
  • The shoulder and hip straps to not separate.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • This the the absolute best baby bouncer for traveling with. It folds flat and fits perfect in my trunk!
  • This bouncer is perfect for entertaining my baby! She loves it!
  • I love the three different recline options, now I can sit my baby up, and lean him back all in the same seat!


6. Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer


Number 6 on our best baby bouncer list is Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer. This bouncer comes in one of three different designs colors to choose from, ranging from $24- $29. A very great baby bouncer, at an awesome price!

This baby bouncer comes in one of three different color schemes; a blue Jungle; pink jungle; or multi-color unisex jungle theme. This seat is designed to keep your baby comfortably cradled and entertained. It comes with a detachable toy bar, that can be removed with one hand for easy access to your baby. Attached to toy bar is three spinning animal toys for your baby to swat at. Like most baby bouncers this bouncer soothingly vibrates to keep your baby relaxed. A great deal at a great price!



What We Loved
  • We love that there is three different color options to choose from when buying.
  • The toy bar is easily removable, can be done with one hand.
  • It has a sturdy feel, and very soft fabric.
Things To Keep In Mind
  • This bouncer does not play music, it only vibrates.
  • It can not be folded once assembled, which makes storing a little difficult.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • My baby takes a nap in this bouncer daily! He loves the vibrations!
  • The best baby bouncer I have ever used!
  • My baby loves the little mirror toy that comes with this! Very entertaining for her!


7. Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Adjustable Bouncer

Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Adjustable Bouncer comes in at number 7 on our list of the best baby bouncer seats. This bouncer costs about $96 and is height adjustable!!

Whether you want your baby low to the ground, or high up so you can pull them to the dinner table, or close to your bed etc. This baby bouncer seat does it all! With music, sounds, vibrations and a basic toy that hangs, your baby will be fully entertained the entire time they are in the bouncer! The timer to shut off music and vibrations after 20 minutes is a great plus! It bounces with ease as your baby kicks, making it a great time for baby! The seat is comfortable for baby made with a soft fabric and a four point buckle for safety! This is a great overall baby bouncer!

What We Loved
  • HUGE plus that it is height adjustable!
  • It folds almost completely flat, making storing and transporting easier.
  • No assembly required!
Things To Keep In Mind
  • The recline does not adjust, only the height.
  • The toy that is included is pretty basic but still entertaining.
  • This bouncer is not very lightweight.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • It’s perfect height for my dinner table, i use it to feed baby, and for playtime!
  • This bouncy seat bounces so well! My little one just gets it going and has a blast!
  • This is a great bouncy seat for napping, I had a c section so I spent a little time in bed afterward. It’s great I would pull it up close to my bed and it was so convenient to have the baby right beside the bed without being too low!


8. Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Bouncer

And finally, last but definitely not least on our list of the best baby bouncer seats is the Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Bouncer. This plush Winnie the Pooh seat is oh so soft and comfy for your little one, and comes in at an affordable price of about $30.

This baby bouncer comes with 7 soothing melodies and vibration option, with an automatic shut off! This soft cozy seat comes with head support for baby, and an easily removable toy bar  – including a Winnie the Pooh toy, a key toy, and another basic toy-  for baby play time! The seat cover can easily be removed and machine washed for easy cleaning. This is a great overall seat and entertainer for baby, not the very best baby bouncer, but is sure a good one; and a great buy if you are on a budget!

What We Loved
  • The seat cover is easily removable, and machine washable!
  • The toy bar is easily removable, it can be removed with one hand.
  • It has great melodies, perfectly soothing for baby.


Things To Keep In Mind
  • This bouncer doesn’t fold, making it a little difficult for storing and transporting.
  • There is no other color options for this baby bouncer.
What Other People Thought About This Baby Bouncer
  • I love this bouncer, definitely a good and inexpensive deal!
  • This seat is soo cute! My baby loves the Winnie the Pooh toy!
  • My baby calms right down when I put her in this. She absolutely loves the vibrations!



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