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Finding the best curling iron for your hair can be hard. Size, and shape matter when it comes to curling irons! Large barrels for loose curls, small barrels for tighter ones, clipless, motorized, and interchangeable wands for just about any curl in between. Here is a list of curling irons we have reviewed and tested on all different hair types; so you will be sure to find the best curling iron for your hair type!

There are four major things you should look for when shopping for a new curling iron:

  • One, does it get hot enough to sufficiently curl your hair? If the iron does not get hot enough, the curls may be messy and not stick.
  • Two, does it have the right size barrel for the curls you want? The irons having smaller barrels are for tighter curls, the bigger barrels mean looser curls
  • Three, is it convenient to hold and use?  You do not want a curler that will be awkward to hold and use.
  • And four, is it a high enough quality iron to last you a long time? No one wants to waste money buying a curling iron for it to work for a few months then have it die!

It is quite difficult to know which irons will meet your needs for curling your hair,  without actually using and testing each one. Luckily, we have done surveys with people who have actually used these curling irons, and we have tested them ourselves– and we have brought all the feedback to you! Now you can find the best curling iron without wasting money trying to find the one that is right for you!

  1. Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron (Best Curling Iron)

The Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control is number one on our list for the best curling iron. Costing about $32 this curling iron comes as small as 3/8 of an inch, but you can also purchase it in a ½ of an inch, and  5/8 of an inch. All three sizes are good for short, medium and even long hair; and they style without frying your hair!

best curling iron



This curling iron is made out of gold!! Maybe it isn’t solid gold, but it is a pretty gold plated. It is very flashy looking! It definitely got our attention.


We all know when curling our hair, to get the perfect curls, we have to hold the curling wand at a certain angle. To get the perfect angle, we need the right grip, and we ALL hold the end of the curling iron. The tip of this curling iron is not hot to the touch, in fact, there is a bigger cool grip on the end of this iron than most! Which is great for clumsy people like me! One thing that is important when you are dealing with curling irons and flat irons is the safety when it is hot, you need to be able to put it down without burning surfaces. This curling wand comes with a built in stand that flips out from it. You can set it on your countertop without the worry of burning it!


Some people need a lot of heat in order to get their curls to stay. Thicker hair or long hair can be harder to curl. But with this curling wand, there is no problem curling any hair types. It heats up to 428F, which is hot enough to tackle curling even the toughest hair types!


If you have a lot of hair like I do, you know you don’t only have to worry about the pains of burning yourself. You have to worry about the pains of holding the iron for long periods of time while trying to curl your whole head of hair. It can be quite exhausting on your hand, But with this light weight curling iron with a nice padded handle, takes the stress and weight off your hand while you do your curling!


This curling iron comes in about seven different barrel sizes. Whether you’re looking for little tiny curls that start at 3/8 of an inch or massive barrel curls that hit 2 inches, you can get it all from this curling iron! Some people- like me personally- buy several different sizes because it gives the ability to create a varied look. Whatever size you think will create the look you want, it’s available here with this curler!


  • We love the variety of barrel sizes you can buy this curling iron in
  • It is made for short and long hair.
  • Heats up hot enough to make curling long and thick hair a breeze


  • Like dealing with all hot things, there is a possibility of being burnt. Please use caution

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • The quality of this curling iron is amazing! The best curling iron I have ever had.
  • Long lasting! It’s hot enough to curl my THICK hair perfectly!
  • I love how flashy this curling wand is! It does an amazing job too!


2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine is number two on our list for best curling iron. Coming in at a price of about $150 this curler is a bit pricey, but for good reason. It is a curling machine, No more wrapping your hard around a curling iron, and less work for you!



Professional Curl Machine


This curling iron, is no regular curling iron, it is curling machine! With a titanium curling chamber to provide you with professional curls fro the comfort of your own home!  Without the need to wrap your hair around a hot barrel anymore!  The barrel on this curler carefully draws your hair into a chamber and pulls it around to curl. This curler is Much less likely to burn you!


It was a concern when we first saw this curler because you put your hair into it and it pulls your hair through the chamber to curl. We found out that the chamber in this curler is designed to keep that from happening. The curler will stop turning and even reverse so your hard doesn’t get tangles inside! Then you can easily figure out if you need to change position or reduce the amount of hair you are putting in and try again!


This curler curls well, and it does it quickly! This curler has an inclosed chamber that heats your hair from all angles. Iit does  a professional job making sure the heat is on every little bit of your hair. Having heat on every strand of hair makes curling much much faster!


One of the best parts to this curling wand is that it has an optional steam function!  All you have to do is fill the reservoir with water. And instead, f using direct heat that can burn your hair,  you can use steam heat to curl your hair! Steam is much gentler on your hair, and it holds your curls longer as well! The only downside to steam is that it takes a little longer to curl your hair, especially if you have long and thick hair.


This curler has time settings for 8, 10, 12 seconds or even longer than that if your hair needs the extra attention.  There are also several temperature options that you can make on this curling iron. The temperature setting goes up to 450F which is hot enough to curl anyones hair! The longer you curl for, the tighter the curls!


  • Not having to wrap your hair around the curling iron makes it much less strenuous
  • The streaming option is a great added plus for those looking to not damage hair with dry heat
  • It heats from all angles, leaving no one strand uncurled!


  • The streaming option on this takes longer to curl your hair than using it without steam.
  • For those with longer thicker hair, if you use the steam option you will have to keep refilling it as the reservoir isn’t that big.
  • Like with all things that generate heat, there is a risk of being burnt. Please use caution.

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • The best curling iron I have ever used! It really does give professional curls!
  • Although the steaming option takes some time, it is the best way to do curls. The absolute best curling iron!
  • I bought one to do my hair for my wedding. My hair came out so beautifully, no other curling wand could have done it better!


  1. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand is number three on our list for the best curling iron. This is a budget friendly curling wand, costing only about $17.  Made by a popular brand, Conair makes some pretty great hair curlers and straighteners. They are sure not going to disappoint you with this small, sleek curling wand, that is sure to get the job you need to be done!

Entry Level Prices with High End Perks


best hair wand



While the price of this curling wand is incredibly low this curler has a tourmaline covering that is usually only reserved for more expensive curling irons. Tourmaline is a smooth material that makes sure there are no hot spots on the curling wand.  It also helps to trap in the moisture that your hair needs to stop it from frizzing. So your curls will hold and stay smooth all day!


This curler gets hot in only 30 seconds. You can turn it on and in a flash, it will be ready to curl with! The fast heating is a huge plus because a lot of the time we don’t have time to spare. The last thing anyone wants to do is wait for a curling wand to warm up!


This curling iron has four different heat setting that you can choose from. Although we have not tested the exact degree this curling wand heats up to, we know it gets VERY hot. It is best to start on a lower setting and see how your hair reacts, before going straight to the hottest setting!


This curling iron is one of the earliest curling wands in the market.  It to this day remains a best seller! Listed at such a great price, this curling iron is worth every single penny!


  • We love the sleek design, easy for storing!
  • This curling iron has 4 different heat settings.
  • It works great for curling all hair types!


  • This curling iron comes in size 1-inch to ½ – inch.
  • This curling iron only comes in the color pink.
  • For some people, while curling their hair, it seems easy to accidentally hit the switch and turn the curling iron off.

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • I have been using this curling iron for years, the best curling wand that there is!
  • This curling iron gets just the right heat to curl my long thick hair! It does a great job!
  • I highly recommend this curling iron! Very durable at a low price!


  1. Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves

Number four on our list of the best curling iron is the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves. Costing about $20 this curler is more for the wavy curls than the full curls.


best curling irons



Not to get this confused with the 90’s style ‘Crimping’. This is not a crimper. it is a Weaver, the waves aren’t as tight as crimpers, they are more spaced out. They are almost curls, But not quite.


While this iron is not a crimper, it is sort of used like one. There is no curling barrel to wrap your hair around, and you don’t use it like a straightener. You take the iron and place it on the strands of hair you want to style. Then you clamp and leave it for a few seconds. The result is a large section of your hair has a single wave in it. Depending on the length of your hair, you can just continue to go down the strands clamping and holding in the same way.  it’s not as fast as if you were straightening your hair, but it takes way less time than curling with a traditional curling iron!


This iron comes with locks on the side, you can clamp it together when it is not in use. This way you will not burn your counter top when you set it down hot,


The plates on this iron are covered in coatings that protect your hair from extreme heat. It helps to lock moisture in your hair. If you curl or wave your hair often moisture is very important, because heat can damage your hair!


The texture your hair will get from this iron will look great, and it’s guaranteed not to go flat! We have tested this with short and long hair.With short hair, the waves from this iron lasted all day! With longer thicker hair, they lasted most of the day, toward the end of the day, the waves started to fall out, which is no big deal really, because we sure got our wear out of them. I’m sure there are some hold sprays that will keep these waves in for even longer!


  • The wavy style is beachy like, super hip and attractive.
  • This Iron gets up to 400F
  • It creates long lasting waves!


  • This iron gets HOT, please use caution when dealing with any products that generate heat.
  • For longer, thicker hair, the waves last most of the day, but without any products to keep the waves, they fall out in about 12 hours.

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • I love this style! It is my new favorite!
  • This waver works very well, and it doesn’t take long!
  • I bought this for my daughter, she absolutely loves it. Fantastic product


  1. Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand

Number five on our list to find the best curling iron is the  Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand. Costing about $20, this curling wand may look funny, but it is simply amazing!

best curling wand



This wand goes up to 400F and it is hot enough to curl just about any type of hair. It heats evenly through the wand and heats your hair quite evenly and quickly. Ii tested this on my long thick hair. After wrapping my hair around the wand, it took about 5 seconds, and i had the perfect curls!


This curling iron with a wand of bubbles may look a little strange. But the bubbles are actually there for good reason. Instead of buying curling irons with multiple size barrels for different size curls, You can use just this ONE curling wand! Wrapping your hair around the smallest part of the bubbles on the wand, you will end up with tighter curls. If you wrap your hair around the bigger parts of the bubbles, you will get looser curls.


Another plus to having the bubbles on this curling iron is that it gives you very defined curls. As long as you do not run your hands through them or break them up too much, your curls will last ALL DAY! This curling wand leaves you with very soft, very defined curls that last all day!


For all the curl size options you can use with these bubbles and the way the curls are so defined and stick all day, this curler comes at only about $20. Which is a STEAL  for such amazing curls!


  • You can do different style and shape curls all while using one curling wand.
  • It evenly heats throughout the whole and making sure every strand of hair is heated.
  • Curls from this curling iron really last all day!


  • When dealing with products that generate heat, it is always important to use caution.
  • It takes a little figuring out to figure out where to place your hair on the bubbles to get the curls you desire. Once you figure it out, curling becomes easy!

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • It took me a while to figure out, but I did figure it out, and I LOVE it
  • This curling wand is great! I use it to curl my hair in the morning before I go to work, and my curls last all day!
  • I love that it can use one curling iron to do so many different styles!
  1. Hot Tools PINK TITANIUM Salon Titanium Curling Iron

The Hot Tools PINK TITANIUM Salon Titanium Curling Iron is number six on our list for the best curling iron. It costs only about $36. This iron is a cute hot pink with a titanium barrel. It’s style is very appealing, A super cute curling iron that makes super cute curls!


best curling iron for fine hair


This curling iron heats to 450F, which is more than hot enough for just about every hair type. It includes different heating options. Remember this iron gets HOT, so if you try it, start at a lower temperature and adjust it to what works without you frying your hair! If you are like me, with thick long hair, you will find the higher temperatures on this curling wand work very well on your hair. It leaves you with frizz less curls that last.

Because this curling irons wand is made of titanium it will not change color or rust over time. It is high quality and very durable material.

The style of this iron is nice, it has a plus to it that many other curling irons don’t have. Most irons have a tip for you to hold while you curl your hair, so you can prevent yourself from getting burnt. Well, this one has an over sized tip! Which helps for clumsy people like me who always end up burning themselves holding the tip! Safety is a big thing to look at when looking for irons or any hot products. Perks like this oversized tip on the barrel, make a big difference!

This iron comes in four different sizes so you can choose the size that will match your desired style! You can get sizes .75; 1.25, and 1.75 Inch. For tight curls, you would get a smaller barrel size, for bigger more wavy curls you would get a bigger barrel size. You can get whatever style you desire with this bad boy!

I have always had trouble finding the right curling iron for my hair, it is so thick and it’s long. So finding a curling iron that will give me defined curls that will stay without me having to add a bunch of products is hard. This iron i have found to do just what i need without adding a million extra chemicals. The curls look almost professional and are very defines and beautiful from this curling iron.


  • We love that this curling wand works great for giving even the thickest hair beautiful defined curls
  • This curling iron comes in a variety of sizes for different hair styles.
  • It gives you smooth defined curls that don’t fall out!


  • When dealing with any products that generate heat there is a risk of being burnt, please use with caution.
  • Although there is a larger tip to keep your hand on the end of the barrel from getting burnt, some have complained that there is not enough heat protection in the thumb rest

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:
• This is the best curling iron ever! I love it!  love the curls it leaves me with!
• I use this curler every day! It works amazing!
• The only complaint I have is when holding the iron, it is rather easy to burn your thumb. It still makes amazing curls though!

  1. Remington TStudio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington TStudio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand is number seven on our list for the best curling iron. Costing about $17, a great price for such a great curling wand!



good curling irons


This curling wand has a ceramic covering on the barrel, which makes it great for everyday use! Ceramic is great on hair and not as harsh as most metals that other curling irons use. It traps in moisture and creates smooth soft curls without frizz!


This curling iron has an automatic shut off on it. Everyone makes mistakes, it isn’t hard to forget to turn off your curling iron when you are finished with it. If you forget your curling iron on, no need to go crazy worrying about if your house is going to burn down. This curling wand automatically shuts off after 1 hour.


Like all other curling irons on this list, this curling wand gets hot enough to curl any hair types. The top temperature with this wand is 410F, which is plenty hot to curl even the thickest of hairs. For thinner hair types, use a lower temperature on this curler and adjust until it suits your needs! This wand only takes 30 seconds to warm up, turn it on, set it down, and get your hair ready to curl, and your curling wand is ready to go!


A pretty cool thing about this curling wand is that the barrel on it is actually more than one size. You can wrap your hair around the thicker part of the wand to get curls up to 1 inch, or you can wrap your hair towards the tip of the barrel and get tighter curls. For really long and thick hair there is another version of this curling iron that is larger and comes in a 1-1.5 inch. It will probably work better for you.


This curling iron comes with a protective glove. You wear the glove while you are curling to prevent burns. While it is no oven mitt, it does do a good job for clumsy people like myself to prevent burning. I love when products include things like this as safety precautions, as safety while using anything hot is very important.


  • This curling wand can create different sized curls all while using only one barrel!
  • It’s a plus that this curler came with a glove for protection, while it isn’t a super thick glove, it is useful.
  • This iron has an automatic 60 minute shut off so you never have to worry if you have forgotten it on.


  • While dealing with any products that produce heat it is important to use caution.
  • The protective glove that comes with this curling iron isn’t very thick, it is still good to use caution while using it.

What Other People Thought About This Curling:

  • I love the curls this curling wand gives me. The curls stay in for like ever! I curled my hair, wore it all day and night and my curls still didn’t fall out!
  • I’m no professional hair curler, but I find this one very easy to use, and my curls come out pretty nicely!
  • This curling iron heats up super fast! I love that I do not have to wait for it to heat, it is almost instant! The best curling iron I have used yet!
  1. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

Number eight on our list for the best curling iron is the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand. Costing about $21 this curling iron is one of the best curling irons for creating luscious loose curls. At a great price, this curling iron brings a whole lot of style!


2 inch curling iron



This curling iron comes with a 1-inch barrel, making tight curls impossible to make with it. It is for the loose wavy curl loving women! This curling wand is great for making a casual style look.  For shorter or medium length hair you can create long loose curls that turn out pretty amazing!


The coating of the barrel on this curling iron is made of tourmaline. It does a great job keeping your hair silky and smooth without burning it. Tourmaline is made up of ground up minerals and gemstones, that help lock moisture into your hair, and control that crazy frizz!


The heat on this curling iron is a hot 410F which is hot enough for just about all hair types. Unfortunately, with this curling wand there is no temperature control. Just an on or off button, so it always heats to its highest. That is a downer if you have super thin hair because you put your hair at risk of being burnt. For normal to thick hair, this curler should have no problems with. Most people who have used this curling wand have not complained of their hair being burnt from this wand.


This curling iron comes equipped with a glove for safety. It is not a super thick glove, but this glove works great to protect your hand from being burnt while you are curling your hair. The glove is a great added accessory, and like I said before,  extra safety measures are always a huge added bonus to any products that generate heat!


The safety tip on the end of the barrel is another amazing added bonus. It is oversized and makes it almost impossible to burn yourself! The only downside to the safety tip being so large is that it goes down the barrel and leaves you less room to wrap your hair around the barrel. This is a downside for people with long hair that need more space to wrap hair around the barrel.


  • We love that this curling iron creates very smooth and silky loose curls
  • This curling iron comes with a protective glove for added safety.
  • An over sized safety tip makes it almost impossible to burn yourself!


  • This particular model only comes in the color orange.
  • There is only one temperature setting on this curling iron which can burn thinner hair.
  • This curling iron is designed for short and medium length hair, really long hair may be difficult to wrap around the barrel completely causing less than perfect curls.

What Other People Thought About This Curling Iron:

  • I love the long cord, it makes it easy to move around and curl my hair at different angles without a short cord getting in the way.
  • This makes the most awesome looking curls. I had doubts at first, but this curling iron ended up being everything I needed it to be!
  • A very durable curling iron, I have had this model for 3 years, and it works great. I recently bought another one for my daughter because she keeps stealing mine!

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