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The importance of pacifiers:

There has been disagreement about using baby pacifier. Though they are beneficial in several ways, moms are worried they might affect results health of their infants. In Actuality, the usage of pacifiers has got some advantages and disadvantages. Let us see how good pacifiers are for babies. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best pacifier helps infants to fall asleep well because sucking provides a soothing effect and calmness thus we can say that it works as a baby soother. Most babies have a strong sucking reflex. Some babies even suck on their thumbs or hands before they are born. That is why lots of parents rank pacifiers by its benefits and comfort to their infants, and after their satisfaction, they rate it as a best Newborn pacifier.

In the following section Pros and Cons of Pacifiers have been discussed.

Pros of Pacifiers:

For better sleep Soothe and decrease discomfort For distraction Miscellaneous purposes Prevention of unimagined death For helpful nursing routine Easy maintenance

A pacifier can help your baby to sleep. If your infant has sleep issue, the best pacifier might be the excellent choice by providing the soothing effect and comfort to the child allows him/her to sleep well.

A best Newborn pacifier might be the best option available to parents for their fussy infant. According to Pediatrics, a pacifier helps to calm a fussy baby. So it is up to parents to choose the best pacifier for newborn.

A pacifier can play a vital role in distracting an infant.  It can be very beneficial during routine blood tests, after shots and alternative procedures in which diverting attention is must so a pacifier can be the best choice in these circumstances.

Some babies get nervous during traveling in a car or a plane. In such situations, the best pacifier for breastfed babies could be the secret tool behind their comfortable journey. Best pacifier for newborn is responsible for decreasing the stressful sufferings during the during flights. Secondly, it can also be quite helpful in relieving ear pain caused by air pressure instabilities during the flight.

The most important function of the best pacifier, it is highly impressive in declining the possibility of unpredicted infant death syndrome (SIDS).  Those babies who are using a pacifier at daytime and bedtime possibly have fewer chances of developing SIDS.

During breastfeeding, it highly recommended providing your baby best pacifier for breastfeeding, at the age of 3 to 4 weeks it will help to establish an effective nursing routine for the infant.

Pacifiers are easy to maintain and clean. Secondly, they are disposable. In the case of any damage to the pacifier, you can buy a new pacifier for your baby and dispose of the damaged pacifier. In some cases infants might develop habit sucking their thumb or Palms, It might be a lot harder task to break this habit but providing a pacifier to your baby helps to leave his/her practice.

Cons of Pacifiers:

Along with so many benefits, pacifiers have certain disadvantages as well.

Early age usage Babies issue A possible reason for certain infections Dental problems

Providing a pacifier to an infant at a young age is not a wise choice. It can impede with breastfeeding. Pediatrics, also have concerns about this matter. First of all, there is a huge difference between sucking on a breast as compared to sucking a pacifier or feeder. Moreover, few babies are sensitive in nature, than others, and It may take some time while adjusting a baby to a pacifier. According to research studies, it has found that artificial sweeteners are considered responsible for diminished exclusive childbirth, and it also affects the length of breastfeeding.

After using a pacifier for the baby gets used to the pacifier. Many infants use a pacifier to sleep. These kids can create a disturbance at the mid of night by crying when the pacifier comes out from the mouth. Parent’s can face the similar consequences. It is highly recommended for the better health of your baby always choose the best pacifier for breastfeeding.

There is a perception that using a pacifier might increase the possibility of middle ear infections in the infants. However, the ratio of middle ear infections are usually lowest from birth to age a few months. The other main point is the risk of SIDS is the highest, and your baby might be interested at a pacifier. The best pacifier is made of pure and non-toxic material and has no side effect.

According to various research studies, it has revealed that using an average pacifier for a prolonged period can lead to dental problems for the baby. The best pacifiers have designed according to the modern principles of dentistry. The standard pacifier does not cause any damage to the baby, and they can be used up to years without any problem.

Tips for buying the best pacifier:


The 5 best pacifier for newborn babies


1. The First Years GumDropNewborn Pacifier

The First Years GumDrop Pacifier designed and manufactured for infants from age 0 to 3 months. The pacifier consists of a single piece design that has made of silicone. The important function of this pacifier is the prevention of choking hazards in kids. It is easy to wash and sterilize. Furthermore, the shape of this best pacifier fits the baby’s face.

The GumDrop Pacifier helps infants to calm down without becoming fussy. GumDrop Newborn Pacifier has made of safest material i-e  BPA-free, Latex-free, and Phthalate-free material. The other important function of a GumDrop Pacifier is its durability, safety for infants. It has a high reputation, and it is a trusted brand also recommended by healthcare professionals and hospitals around the globe.

Furthermore, GumDrop Newborn is a lightweight product, and babies themselves can easily handle it. One package of GumDrop contains two pacifiers. The moms have confirmed that their breastfed infants do not have any nipple confusion issue while using GumDrop Pacifier. Their babies have accepted Pacifier quickly, and it has been a great support for the moms while they need to calm down their kids. Though some moms have some concerns about this product; their infants fail to keep the pacifier it in their mouth.



Product Features:

  • Recommended by health professionals
  • Pleasant design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easily functional
  • Safe for baby Latex free, Phthalate free


Customer Reviews:

2. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier is a lovely pacifier. It has a cute design the form of lush animal toy combined with a cute animal plush toy, WubbaNub Infant pacifier works amazingly with babies till six weeks old. It is the best pacifier for breastfed babies.

It is intended to use without attaching to cords or clips. The Light bean filled creature is not only designed to be attractive, but it also helps to stimulate the baby’s sense of touch and functions as positioning support. Much like the early years, Gumdrop New-born, WubbaNub pacifier is a single piece constructed, allowing it stay clean without hiding germs between fractures.

The material is currently latex-free Soothie Medical caliber, ensuring that the security of one’s child. This Pacifier is durable, soft and safe for babies. It is a best Newborn pacifier. It comes in the form of toys, “various animals” to engage kids. As far as the size of the toy is concerned, it perfectly fits the hands of a child. According to moms point of view, the pacifier can be easily placed on Baby’s chest when lying on the bed or in a car seat.

On the other hand,  Breastfeeding moms told that they have no problem going back and forth with this pacifier during breastfeeding. WubbaNub is the best baby pacifier according to moms. The WubbaNub pacifier is an entirely latex-free product that has been in practice passed in many hospitals nationwide.



Product Features:

  • The WubbaNub Pacifier is in use, at the hospitals, and it is the best baby care choice of health professionals.
  • Best newborn pacifier
  • It is Specialized design provides soothing and comfort to the infants.
  • The other important feature of this pacifier is high durability.
  • It is a single piece construction which means no chance of germs are hiding between cracks, so the pacifier stays cleaner and healthier.
  • This product is for Newborns less than six months of age or babies without teeth.
  • Not suggested for the stage of teething.


Customer Reviews:


3. Philips Avent Soothie

Philips Avent Soothie is a well reputed and highly reliable product. This pacifier is highly trusted and recommended pacifier by hospitals and pediatrics. It is no doubt best pacifier for breastfed babies for newborns and babies.

It has an excellent design, the size, and shape of the pacifier fits the mouth of the infant. It provides maximum comfort and to safety for healthy oral development. The Philips Avent Soothie pacifier has launched according to the recommendations American Academy of Pediatrics. The Avent pacifier is safe and durable and made of non-toxic and BPA-free, taste-free material.

According to moms point of view, the Avent pacifier is a good product it is one piece construction makes it easy to keep clean. Furthermore, It can  Sterilize quickly and safely. The breastfeeding moms have confirmed that they do not experience nipple confusion problem.



Product Features:

  • The pacifier brand distributed in hospitals nationwide
  • Used by medical professionals to calm newborns
  • Real Orthodontic shape provides natural development of baby’s teeth and gums
  • Best newborn pacifier
  • Non-toxic and BPA free
  • Easy to wash and sterilize
  • Designed according to baby’s mouth
  • Highly durable
  • Single piece construction


Customer Reviews:

4. MAM Night Glow

MAM Night Glow is an orthodontic pacifier that glows in the dark and suitable for infants at six months age. This brand is the newest created this symmetrical orthodontic cm which guarantees Your child’s appropriate development of teeth, teeth, and demeanor as she or he is growing. Also, It has a curved guard with air pockets no doubt it is the best pacifier for breastfed babies.

The unusual shade that glows in the dark leaves it possible for the parents and child to locate the pacifier at night. The bright color that glows in the dark is very nice and makes it easy for the child and parents to find the pacifier at night time. It has an ultra-soft nipple that fits perfectly and stays securely in the baby’s mouth because it has an anti-slip texture.




Product Features:

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Best pacifier for breastfed babies
  • Specially designed for sensitive skin; the open shield provides extra air flow
  • Symmetrical orthodontic nipple for safety and teeth development
  • Silicone Skin Soft nipple has a silky texture.
  • Multiple small pores on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate


Customer Reviews:

5. NUK Newborn

The unusual NUK shape is intended to optimally fit baby’s mouth, so supporting the active development of your mouth area. It is a single piece design, and  It allows baby’s tongue to move without any problem. So the child’s jaw gets proper exercise, and it helps the child for his/her teeth growth, so it is also a Teething pacifier.

Its scoop nipple cavity allows the maximum tongue movement, which gently applies baby’s tongue and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumbsucking.

Heart shaped shield fits perfectly under baby’s nose for easy breathing and less irritation. This NUK contributes to avoiding the dreaded thumb sucking. Moreover, It is non-toxic and  BPA.  It has vent pores to prevent the irritation.




Product Features:

  • 100% silicone single piece construction
  • NUK Orthodontic shape provides a soothing effect and calms baby better. Its asymmetrical shape assists healthy oral development by naturally fitting into your child’s palate.
  • Teething pacifier
  • BPA free and made in the USA
  • It provides comfort, durability, and safety to the child.
  • There are slight vent holes in the design for the conduction of better air circulation to prevent skin irritation.


Customer Reviews:
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