10 Creative Uses for Your Mason Jars Collection

If you have a collection of mason jars lying around, you’re in luck! These versatile glass containers can be repurposed in numerous creative ways to add a touch of charm and functionality to your home. In this article, we will explore ten imaginative uses for mason jars, ranging from crafting personalized candle holders to creating DIY terrariums and using them as stylish kitchen storage. So, let’s dive in and discover the endless possibilities!

1) Personalized Candle Holders:

Turn plain mason jars into beautiful personalized candle holders. This is a simple craft that allows you to add your unique style and touch. You will need mason jars of different sizes, plain candles that fit inside, and decorative materials like washi tape, ribbons, buttons, or labels.

Candle Holders

To make the candle holders, start by cleaning your jars thoroughly to remove any residue or labels. Let them fully air dry. This process is important so your decorating materials will stick well. Now you can get creative! Add washi tape in patterns, designs, or stripes around the jar. Stick on labels with inspirational words, your name, or date. Glue on buttons, sequins, or gems for extra texture and visual interest.

For another variation, wrap jars with ribbons, raffia, or jute twine in a spiral pattern, securing them with glue or tape. Make ribbon or twine handles by tying on small loops on opposite sides. Fill the decorated jars with scented or colored candles matching your theme. Place them strategically around your home for a warm ambient glow. Decorating your own mason jars puts a personalized spin on basic candle holders at a very low cost.

2) DIY Sugar Scrubs:

Indulge in homemade body sugar scrubs crafted in recycled mason jars. You’ll need quart jars, brown or white sugar, carrier oil, essential oils, and pour lids.

In clean jars, combine 2 cups sugar with 1/2 cup sweet almond or jojoba oil. Stir until thick and grainy. Add 5-10 drops each of 2-3 soothing essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree. Mix well.

Label jars clearly and top with pour lids. The thick scrub exfoliates dead skin as you rinse and moisturize, too. Keep extras on hand as luxury gifts. Store up to 2 months to enjoy anytime the urge for pampering strikes! Mason jars showcase these handmade indulgences attractively for the bath.

3) Herb Garden Jars:

Turn mason jars into mini herb gardens you can grow on windowsills or countertops. Fresh herbs are always handy in the kitchen, and these jar gardens make it easy to pick as you need. You will require washed quart jars, potting soil, herb seedlings or seeds, and gravel or pebbles.

Herbs garden

To start, clean and dry your jars well. Place a half-inch layer of pebbles or gravel at the bottom for drainage. Top with an inch of moist potting soil, pressing it down firmly. Choose 2-3 herb varieties that grow well indoors, like basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, or mint. Plant seedlings or seeds evenly spaced in the dirt.

Keep the soil moist with a spray bottle as the seeds germinate and plants establish. Place jars in bright window light. In a few weeks, you will have an instant herb garden to snip from! Turn jars occasionally to encourage sturdy growth. These cylinder planters take up minimal space while providing fresh herbs within easy reach.

4) Photo Display Frames:

Curate cherished memories with mason jars decorated as personalized photo frames. Show off snapshots from adventures, family portraits, or milestone events creatively displayed. You will require wide-mouth quart jars, photos, craft materials, cork, or twine.

Start by washing and drying clean jars. Decorate exteriors with washi tape, stickers, patterned contact paper or aluminum foil for background. Cut photos slightly smaller than the opening and adhere inside facing out with double-sided tape.

For added dimensionality, print multiple copies of the same photo at varying sizes with white borders and layer inside. Measure and cut twine, jute, raffia, or ribbon to frame openings in zigzag, criss-cross, or diagonal patterns tying off securely. Affix pictures and frames can also be hung vertically with images sandwiched at the center.

Arrange decorated memory jars together on open shelving, bookcases, or tabletop groupings. Change displays seasonally or for holidays. This repurposing project brings back special moments to savor repeatedly in a trendy rustic-chic style at no cost.

5) DIY Bubble Bath:

For self-care nights, make small-batch bubble baths in fun colors and scents using recycled jars. Handcrafted bubbly blends are inexpensive luxury gifts too. You will need cleaned pint jars, vegetable glycerin or light corn syrup, fragrance oils, distilled water, and mason jar pour tops or mini funnels.

To create, start by combining 2 parts vegetable glycerin, 1 part fragranced essential oil and 2 parts water in jars. Shake vigorously until emulsified before each use. Or layer ingredients in jars without combining for fizzy fun later.

Fill jars 3/4 full, being careful with fragrance amounts – a little goes a long way. Tie on decorative pour tops or insert mini funnels for controlled pouring. Label jars clearly with contents. Brews can be stored for up to 3 months.

Give as gifts individually decorated or grouped with candles and lotions in baskets. Relax in a home spa experience feeling pampered for less. Hand-crafted blends are also inexpensive to make on demand for personal use.

6) Kitchen Organization:

Save counter space and bring orders with mason jars repurposed as storage containers. Quart jars hold baking mixes, dry goods, snacks, and more in the pantry, fridge, or anywhere you need accessible stash spots. Clean jars are all you require!

Simply label jars clearly with contents written directly on outside areas or using printed labels. Fill as needed with dry ingredients, bulk foods, packets, or individual servings. Pastas, rice, nuts, baking mixes, leftovers, and more all fit neatly into jars.

Stack jars together neatly on open or pull-out shelves. Arranging by category or type keeps things organized. The durable glass chambers protect contents while letting you see inside for first-in, first-out use. With practical storage on a gleaming glass budget, these multi-taskers earn their keep.

7) Bathroom Vanity Caddy:

Turn mason jars into a cute vanity organizer caddy for all things self-care. Keep bathroom essentials corralled with this stylish storage hack. You’ll need a wooden board or tray, pencil jar lids or mini pump dispensers, and assorted toiletries.

Decorate the board’s surface with contact shelf paper, fabric scraps or cork tiles for a soft surface. Affix pencil jar lids or mini soap and lotion dispensers onto the board using hot glue. Fill each section with cotton balls, Q-tips, hair ties, bobby pins, lotions, creams or potions.

Place the finished caddy on your bathroom counter within easy reach. Change items seasonally. This customized tray gathers necessities while protecting surfaces with sealed glass containers that won’t crack or spill. Save valuable counter space and keep areas tidy for less than store-bought divas!

Modify by size and purposefully group items for various uses like guest baths, kids’ caddies, or on-the-go carrying cases. Mason jars finally get their day as innovative organizers!

8) Desktop Accessories:

Jazz up workstations or craft/hobby areas with mason jars, putting useful everyday items within sight and hand. You need only clean jars for this quick solution to tidy desks!

For the office, corral stationery like paperclips, rubber bands, pens, markers or staples inside clearly labeled jars. Arrange jars by function in centered spots for easy snagging all day.

At art desks, fill jars with small tools, embellishments, beads, buttons, ribbon scraps or coloring utensils. DIYers can stock wood-burning/crafting jars with pins, hooks, wire, twine, or findings near their creative zones.

Jars lend order to surfaces without cluttering space. Contents stay fresher longer versus baskets or containers opening often during use. Twists lids snap closed to seal, stacking neatly stored yet visible for quick tasks too. An aesthetically pleasing productivity hack that declutters desktop real estate.

9) Mason Jar String Lights:

Turn mason jars into festive string lights by inserting tea light candles. You’ll need mason jars, battery-powered tea lights, decorative string, or twine.

Starting from the bottom, use hot glue to securely attach tea lights to mason jars. Make sure the candle itself is fully inside the jar. Cut lengths of string longer than the jars and thread through the tabs on tea lights to suspend them from the string.

String the “jar lights” together evenly spaced, leaving room to move them around your desired area. Hang them indoors along mantles or outside along fences for a magical lit atmosphere. The glass jars protect tea light flames from the wind while letting their warm glow shine through.

10) Brush Holder:

This is a handy way to keep expensive makeup brushes neatly organized and protected on your vanity. Start by thoroughly washing several empty quart-sized mason jars to remove any residual odors or chemicals.

Once fully dried, you can optionally decorate the outside of the jars for a personalized touch. Try decorative washi tape, labels, or fabric scraps adhered with low-odor glue.

Arrange the cleaned jars rim-down on your vanity surface. Depending on the number of brushes you have, space them in staggered rows or groupings. The wide base of the jar will stabilize it perfectly in this upside orientation.

Now start loading up the brushes. For larger brush sets, stand them up handle-first right in the jar opening. The bristle head will rest neatly inside. For individual eye or concealer brushes, lay them horizontally across the jar rim.

Make sure brush types are grouped sensibly in each jar – for example, all foundation brushes in one jar and eye shadow brushes in another. This keeps them organized by function.

Storing makeup tools bristle-side down and tightly sealed in the jars protects them from accumulating excess dust and moisture in the air that can degrade the bristles over time. It also keeps them neat and tidy on your vanity surface without rolling around. The mason jars elevate your brush storage economically.

Final Words:

As you can see, mason jars have endless possibilities beyond their traditional uses in canning and storage. By getting creative, these sturdy glass containers can be repurposed for home décor, crafts, organizational solutions, and even small habitat creations. With some imagination, mason jars allow enjoying numerous benefits while keeping useful items out of landfills. Most importantly, they multiply the fun to be found in reusability and sustainability.

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