Movie Quotes Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite, the cult classic released in 2004, became a pop culture phenomenon with its quirky characters and unforgettable dialogue. From Kip’s haunting vocals of “Tethered By The Chains” to Pedro’s existential dread, the film delivered quotable lines that perfectly captured the awkwardness and humor of teenage life.

Napoleon’s Own Words of Wisdom:

“Give me some of your tots!” – This nonsensical demand uttered during lunch perfectly encapsulates Napoleon’s oddball personality and his desire to assert dominance in an environment where he feels like an outsider.

“I like those shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!” – An endearingly simple statement delivered with unwavering conviction by Napoleon in defense of his controversial bootcut jeans. This line became synonymous with self-assured eccentricity.

“Vote for Pedro!” Napoleon’s enthusiastic (and ultimately unsuccessful) campaign slogan for his friend Pedro became a rallying cry for the misunderstood and underestimated.

Debatable Dining Choices:

“Tater tots and cheese. It’s my favorite meal.” – This line, delivered by Napoleon’s laconic brother Kip, perfectly embodies his preference for uncomplicated sustenance. Tater tots became synonymous with the film and a comfort food for fans.

“Rex Kwon Do… Self-defense, not for fighting!” – This nonsensical phrase from Rex Kwon Do’s instructional video became a source of endless amusement. It represented the incompetence of those who promised more than they could deliver.

Words of Existential Dread (Courtesy of Pedro):

“Does anyone have any questions?” – Pedro’s despondent query during Deb’s cheerleading tryouts perfectly captures the overwhelming angst of teenage life and the uncertainties of the future.

“My nipples haven’t even come in yet!” – This outburst from Pedro during Deb’s questionable dance routine became an iconic expression of awkwardness and utter discomfort.

These are just a few of the many quotable lines from Napoleon Dynamite. The film’s dialogue resonated with audiences because it captured the universal experiences of feeling out of place, longing to fit in, and embracing your own unique oddities. So next time you’re feeling like Napoleon Dynamite, remember, you can wear whatever makes you comfortable and quote your favorite line with pride.

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