10 Creative Uses for Your Old Shoe Boxes

Tired of empty shoe boxes cluttering your closets but don’t want to toss them? Don’t stash them away just yet. Learn how to breathe new life into those boxes through 10 innovative repurposing ideas. Transform the ordinary containers into customized storage for every room like drawer dividers, desk accessories, and handmade gift boxes. Get details on decorating techniques that will have you organizing in no time without breaking the bank.

1. Craft personalized storage solutions

One of the best ways to reuse old shoe boxes is to craft them into personalized storage solutions for any room in your home. The boxes are the perfect size for storing small toys, craft supplies, office stationery or electronics. You can decorate the outside of the boxes to indicate what’s inside for an organized look. Get creative with paints, stickers,washi tape or scrapbooking paper to customize each box according to the contents. For example, decorate a box for hair accessories with pink polka dots or embellish a box for socks with the word “socks” written across the front. You can store stacks of customized boxes on shelves, in drawers or under the bed for an tidy storage system.

To make the boxes more durable, you can reinforce the sides and bottom with contact paper, gift wrap paper or cardboard before decorating. Punch holes in the lid and bottom and thread ribbon or twine through to tie each box closed. For storage in brighter areas, consider covering the outside entirely with gift wrap or scrapbook paper. These personalized shoe box storage solutions instantly transform clutter into coordinated containment while reusing materials you already have on hand.

2. Craft DIY drawer organizers

Transform old shoe boxes into useful drawer organizers for the kitchen, bathroom, office or children’s rooms. Simply line up several boxes side by side to section off the contents in a drawer. Decorating the boxes is optional but can add a customized design element. Measure the inside of your drawer and trim or shorten the boxes as needed so they fit snuggly. You can also cut a box in half width-wise and use each half to divide a drawer space.

Organize items neatly inside each sectioned off area, whether its utensils, hair accessories or craft supplies. These DIY drawer organizers keep small items separated and prevent things from getting lost or jumbled at the bottom of drawers. Get the whole family involved in customizing organizers for their own rooms using multiple shoe boxes. You can add handles, labels or window cut-outs to make the boxes easier to remove when you need access to the back sections. Drawer organizers made from shoe boxes add function and style without breaking the bank.

3. Turn them into gift boxes

Who says gift boxes need to be purchased? With a little effort, empty shoe boxes can be transformed into charming handmade gift boxes. Decorate the outside with patterns, colors and imagery that suit the recipient and gift contents. Common box coverings include scrapbook paper, paper doilies taped on, decorative tape designs or painted scenes. Punch holes along the lid edge and tie with ribbon, twine or curling ribbon for an elegant presentation.

You can also create unique designs on each box face. Airbrush paint colors in gradients or sponge on paint effects. Draw or stencil on artwork, words or motifs related to the recipient’s interests. Get inventive by incorporating embellishments like rhinestones, stickers, fabric accents or pressed flowers. Seal with a clear tape or finish to protect your designs. Fill beautifully crafted gift boxes with baked goods, gift cards, small items or homemade treats for special occasions. Recipients will be impressed by your creativity and effort to reuse materials.

4. Make jewelry organizers

A stack of old shoe boxes creates multi-level storage for any jewelry collection. To make the boxes stable for small items, reinforce the bottoms and edges with contact paper or cardboard scraps. Decorate boxes with images or painted patterns that match the types of jewelry inside, such as floral designs for charm bracelets or nautical motifs for seashell necklaces.

Cut foam sheets, fabric or felt to fit each box compartment and lay these protective liners on the bottom. Slice foam into shapes to cradle delicate earrings or necklaces. Use tape, glue or staples to securely attach lining material. Stack boxes of graduated sizes inside an armoire, dresser or closet to corral bracelets, rings and watches. Add a large box on top for infrequently worn statement pieces. Properly stowed in these organizers, your accessories stay tangle-free and easy to browse.

5. Make desktop accessories

Keep your work area tidy and functional with desktop accessories from old shoe boxes. Form boxes into trays for paper clips, binder clips, pens or business cards. Reinforce the structure with contact paper for stability holding office items. Decorate the outside with your company logo or inspirational artwork for an personal flair.

Cut windows or flaps into box lids to view contents easily. Punch holes along one edge and lanyard rings through for pen and stylus holders. Stack multiple trays or stands inside each other for multi-functional storage. Use low profile boxes beneath a monitor riser to corral cord organizers, thumb drives and chargers. Tall slender boxes serve as pencil holders positioned along the edge of your desk. Decorated shoe box accessories stylishly contain desktop essentials.

6. Create drawer dividers

Empty shoe boxes make hard-working yet customizable drawer dividers for any room. Measure box interior dimensions against drawer widths and depths, cutting off excess material as needed. Reinforce dividers with contact paper or cardboard scraps for strength and clean lines.

Decorate the outside of dividers to categorize contents: add fabric swatches or painted words to designate areas for socks, underwear or gloves. Punch holes along one long edge and thread ribbon, rope or twine ties through as handles for easy lifting in and out. Line sections with colored foam sheets, scrap fabric or paper to reveal at a glance what’s stored in each compartment.

Stack custom drawer dividers in the dresser or linen closet to corral socks, ties, bath towels and more. Their modular design conforms to any interior. Best of all, you can swap out or add dividers as needed to meet changing organization needs. Reusing boxes spares the expense of plastic drawer separators.

7. Craft desk accessories

For folks who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, shoe boxes become the building blocks for all sorts of customized desk gadgets. Construct box modules into multi-functional stands using adhesive, brads or tape. Display photos in cut-out windows while corraling paper clips, stamps and scissors in pigeonhole dividers above.

Assemble multiple boxes side-by-side, back-to-back and stacked to form desktop picture frames, monitor risers, pen holders and notebook stands. Reinforce joins with clear packing tape for strength. Decorate pure wood boxes washi tape or fabric scraps for motivational sayings or personal flair. Box segments outfit the office in coordinating shades of painted polka dots, plaid or pinstripes.

Get kids involved in making their desk gear too. Assembled from simple household items, these crafty creations pull double duty keeping workspaces tidy while sparing the landfill.

8. Craft memo boards

Maximize billable hours or boost productivity with a custom shoe box memo board. Reinforce short boxes on all sides with cardboard or thicker stock to form durable backing. Cover the front with a fabric, paper or magnetic surface suitable for jotting notes.

Decorate the frames with company logos, uplifting quotes or coordinating patterns using acrylic paint pens. Attach magnetic clips, clips or rings along one edge to hold notes, Post-Its, business cards or photo strips. Turn slender tall boxes sideways and stack two or three high to form portfolio-style boards for on-the-go brainstorming. These chic yet functional memo keepers help stay on task while reusing familiar shoe box material in a new way.

Personalize boards as gifts too. Cover with wrapping paper matching a friend’s décor then fill with notes of encouragement. Receiving a thoughtful repurposed item adds more joy than a mass-produced desk accessory ever could.

9. Store sewing notions

Shoe boxes slide easily into sewing cabinets, storing spools of thread, ribbons, buttons and more in tidy compartments. Before arranging compartments, reinforce all interior seams and corners with clear packing tape so threads and delicate tidbits don’t catch and snag.

Mark each lid flap or exterior with different fabric scraps, patterns or painted icons to designate contents: polka dots for buttons, plaid for zippers, paisley for lace. Stack layers of graduated box sizes to efficiently use vertical space. Fill compartments with foam, felt or fabric cut into shapes to nestle spool caps, knickknacks and findings. A tower of customized boxes keeps the sewing room organized while protecting supplies from dust. Bonus: boxes tuck away out of sight when not in use.

10. Craft stylish drawer organizers

Finally, repurpose shoe boxes into modern drawer organizers to corral socks, underwear and accessories. To reinforce the structure for durability, cover boxes with gift wrap, removable wallpaper or contact paper in coordinating prints, plaid or stripes. Cut snug-fitting foam, fabric or felt into slots, holes and dividers matching interior dimensions.

Adhere cushioning materials securely inside compartments with spray adhesive. Punch holes in patterns along lid edges and thread ribbon, twine or rope handles between layers for straightforward removal. Stack finished organizers in drawers, alternating

Final Words:

In conclusion, empty shoe boxes can be reinvented into countless useful and stylish storage solutions through a little creativity. Whether organizing craft supplies, desktop items, or drawers, shoe boxes are surprisingly versatile. Upcycling them keeps clutter under control while keeping them out of landfills. Getting started is easy by choosing an idea and customizing organizers with supplies on hand.

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