8 Surprising Uses for Your Empty Perfume Bottles

Empty perfume bottles often get tossed in the recycling bin once the fragrance has been used up. However, there are many creative ways to reuse these beautiful glass containers. Whether you have a single empty bottle or a collection you’ve amassed over time, here are 8 unexpected ideas for giving your old perfume bottles a second life.

1. Transformative Bud Vases:

A simple way to reuse empty perfume bottles is by transforming them into stylish bud vases. Cut fresh flowers like roses, tulips or daisies look elegant in the classic bottle shapes. To make them, remove any labels or stickers from the bottle. Then, fill with water and add a few blooms. Place the improvised vases around your home for a burst of natural beauty.

For variation, consider tinier perfume samples or travel bottles as bud vases for a desk at work or nightstand. Their petite size is perfectly portioned to hold a small sprig or two. Displaying cut flowers in empty perfume bottles adds a touch of floral luxury wherever they’re showcased.

2. Personalized Room Diffusers:

Rather than tossing out that bottle with the scent you no longer wear, repurpose it as a DIY room diffuser. Remove any residue left inside with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry completely. Then add a few drops of essential oil to the bottom – lavender is a calming option while lemon brightens rooms. Top with decorative filler like sea glass, beads or glitter. Place the bottle anywhere in need of an ambiance boost, like end tables or windowsills.

As the essential oil gently diffuses through the air, the scent will permeate the space. Change out the oil every few weeks for an ongoing freshness. Get creative with bottle designs and essential oil blends based on different moods. Having a collection allows switching them out seasonally or to match interiors. For example, a cranberry or spice-scented room diffuser heightens warmth and welcome during winter holidays.

3. Bespoke Candles:

Candle-making supplies can be expensive, but a perfume bottle provides the vessels free of charge. Clean bottles thoroughly, allowing any residue to dry completely. Then carefully pour your own homemade candle wax into each one, being sure not to overfill.

For the wax, beeswax or soy wax work well and burn cleanly. Add scents like essential oils if desired, using 5-10 drops per 8 ounce batch depending on strength. Avoid fragrance oils which may produce soot as they burn. Allow the wax to harden fully before use. Place wicks centered in each bottle, trimming so about 1⁄4 inch extends above the wax surface. Light and let them glow for an affordable homemade gift or a way to scent your space.

Personalize the gift candles further by adhering decorative washi tape to bottles or tying on raffia ribbon handles. Handwrite gift tags listing the custom scent profile inside. Crafting scented candles in emptied perfume bottles dresses up the presentation at minimal cost. Best of all, the original scent memory lingers, accompanying the warm glow.

4. Photo Frame Fillers

Rather than seeing bottles as empty, view them as frames waiting to be filled. Remove labels gently without damaging glass then glue favorite photos inside. Pictures of family, landscapes, selfies – anything goes in these one-of-a-kind frames.

For an elegant touch, mount photos on decorative cardstock first using double-sided tape on the back. This adds structure and depth without being too bulky. Place frames around your home or give as personalized gifts. Leave room in larger bottles to tuck in notes with memories from the pictured moment. Display frames together on bookshelves, mantles or grouped on a tray for an impromptu gallery. Not only do these upcycle a free material, they highlight treasured photographs in memorable mini museums.

5. Chic Organizers:

Beyond their simplistic beauty, perfume bottles make useful organizers when repurposed. Wash and thoroughly dry containers to remove any remnants before finding a new role for them. Use smaller bottles to store items like bobby pins, hair ties, jewelry or office supplies. Larger bottles can hold cosmetics, craft supplies, sewing notions – really anything neatly corralled.

Display organizers on countertops, desks or dressers. Their varied shapes and sizes allow customizability to any space. For the bathroom, fill with cotton balls, makeup brushes, floss or Q-tips. In the kitchen, try herbs, spices or tea bags. Beads, buttons and charms look lovely organized in bottles. No matter the contents, these keep clutter concealed in an eye-catching arrangement. Change the configurations to mix up decor when novel inspiration strikes. Bottles hide clutter creatively while adding decorative flair.

6. Pretty Planters:

Don’t limit bottle planters to just windowsills. Upcycle bottles as statement planters throughout living areas. Wash and dry containers before filling with potting soil. Then insert succulents, air plants, ferns or miniature floral varieties. Their lush textures soften spaces while requiring minimal watering.

For an on-trend boho aesthetic, group mismatched bottles of varying heights together. Add moss, pebbles or fairy figurines nestled into soil for whimsy. Miniature plants thrive in the light admitted by faceted glass. Display individual planters as unexpected accents atop shelves, desks and tables too. Their charm adds personality to any perch elevating indoor greenery displays. Window planter bottles lend natural style where light streams in. Nurturing new botanical life from old keepsakes repurposes them perfectly.

7. Travel-Ready Containers

Save smaller perfume bottles or samples to repurpose while traveling light. Fill with trial sized toiletries like shampoo, lotion or essentials for overnights. Or pack crafting supplies, sewing kits or medicine when venturing far from home pharmacy staples.

Empty bottles also corral jewelry, hair accessories or socks while on-the-go. Miniaturize larger toiletries by decanting portions into bottles for trips. Label contents clearly to distinguish makeshift containers from one another. These tiny vessels tuck neatly into toiletry bags, carry-ons or suitcases compared to bulky original packaging. Recycled bottles consolidate belongings perfectly for hassle-free trips. Their portability makes them brilliant for on-the-road storage too.

8. Fun Home Décor

Think outside the box and showcase empty bottles creatively as decorative accents indoors. Fill with colored water, decorative stones or confetti for whimsical table centerpieces. Nestle floating tea lights inside during evenings or holidays to cast soft illumination throughout events.

String fairy lights or thin rope lights inside for glowing sculptures wherever light is needed. Glitter sparkles beautifully illuminated within glass. Hold solitary flowers, leaves or buds for simple yet striking objets d’art. Tweak your artistic vision based on space, mood or theme—scent bottles inspire inventive décor ideas. Their forms suit any interior while memories of fragrances once loved linger with each placement. Think three-dimensionally beyond surface decor to fully utilize bottles as versatile home furnishings.

In Conclusion

With a bit of imagination, empty perfume bottles find new life well beyond their fragrant finishing. Reuse them as eco-friendly planters, organizers, diffusers or craft materials. Upcycle bottles creatively as photo frames, candles or one-of-a-kind home accents too. Their glass vessels deserve multifaceted futures limited only by creativity. Preserve keepsakes from favorite perfumes through repurposing rather than disposal. Most importantly, these simple hacks prove useful items need not go to waste with a twist of resourcefulness.

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