9 Whimsical Uses for Your Silk Ribbon Collection

Silk ribbons can add a touch of elegance and fun to many everyday items. Rather than letting your collection of beautiful ribbons collect dust, get creative and learn how to incorporate them into projects through playful applications. From hair accessories to homemade decorations, silk ribbons are endlessly versatile and affordable. Read on to discover 9 whimsical yet easy ways to enjoy your silk ribbons.

1) Hair Bows and Scrunchies:

Your silk ribbons have many uses beyond just wrapping gifts. For a quick and easy way to accessorize any outfit, turn your ribbons into hair bows or scrunchies. All you need are basic hair accessories and ribbons in complementary colors.

For hair bows, take a ribbon about 8-12 inches long and fold it in half widthwise. Slide the folded ribbon through a small hair clip or barrette, with the folded edge forming the front of the bow. Pleat and adjust the ribbon ends until you achieve the size and shape of bow you want. Secure the ends underneath the accessory.

For scrunchies, measure a ribbon slightly longer than the circumference of your wrist. Wrap the ribbon snugly around your wrist and tie it securely in a knot. Trim off any excess ribbon. You can also tie ribbons around ponytail holders or hair elastics for a fancier scrunchie.

These ribbon hair accessories are quick to make and let you show off your ribbon collection in a fun, wearable way. Kids and adults alike will love styling their hair with beautiful silk bows or scrunchies in complementary colors. They’re perfect for dressier occasions or when you want a pop of sophistication with your everyday outfits. And best of all, you’ll always match your hair pieces to your ribbons!

2) Decorative Card Making:

Get creative by using your silk ribbons to make decorative homemade cards for any occasion. Cards are an affordable and thoughtful craft to enjoy with kids or to gift to friends and family. With just basic cardstock, glue or tape, and ribbons in an array of colors, you can make one-of-a-kind cards in no time.

Start with a folded piece of cardstock in your desired size. Lay ribbons horizontally or in overlapping patterns across the front of the card. Use a small amount of glue or tape to secure the ribbons in place. For a polished look, fold under any loose ribbon ends before adhering them.

You can also tie ribbons around the card or glued shapes cut from the cardstock itself. Attach silk ribbon bows with glue for an extra embellishment. Write your message inside and you have a beautiful handmade card that shows off your ribbon selection. Tie a complimentary ribbon around the outside of the card for gift-giving occasions too.

Cardmaking allows you to flex your creativity and make thoughtful gifts using materials you already have on hand. Your homemade cards will be treasured for their uniqueness and personal touch.

3)Bookmark Charms:

Dress up basic bookmarks into stylish accessories by attaching silk ribbons. Cut various shapes like hearts, stars or squares from ribbon using scissors or a decorative punch. Tie, glue or tape the ribbon charms onto plain bookmarks about an inch from the top.

For variety, mix ribbon types and colors on each bookmark. Try complementary solid shades, patterns that pick up colors in the ribbon charms, or different widths for visual interest. Play around with charm placements too – you can arrange them in horizontal or vertical rows, clusters, or singular large charms.

Customize these ribbon bookmark charms with personalization like names or initials written in permanent marker on the plain portion. As a gift, include a sentimental book matched to the recipient’s interests. These whimsical bookmarks will beautifully embellish any reader’s collection in their preferred style. Display a variety for guests to choose from when visiting too.

4) Home Decor Accents:

Transform ordinary items around your home with the beauty of silk ribbons. Use short ribbon strips to cover plain remote controls, notebooks, frame openings, or vases in coordinated patterns. Weave ribbon strips or bows through decorative objects, artwork, mirrors, or picture frames.

Get creative by dying silky ribbon with tea or food coloring for one-of-a-kind accents. Tie tea or coffee-dyed ribbons fresh from the pot onto gifts, floral arrangements, or as decoration mingling throughout your home. The subtle color variations in each strip will look especially artful.

For a shabby-chic aesthetic, loosely fray raw ribbon edges before use. Frayed edges give texture and movement when draped over objects throughout a room. Make sure to secure any loose threads for a polished yet playfully unkempt look.

These accents allow you to showcase your ribbon assortment while bringing beauty and whimsy to everyday household items. Your home will feel like an artful display inspired by your unique sense of style.

5) Scarf Ties:

Breathe new life into basic scarves by attaching ribbons as ties. For each scarf, cut two ribbon strips about 12-18 inches long, depending on size. Hand-sew, glue or hot glue one ribbon strip vertically along each outer scarf edge, centered about 1-2 inches from the sides.

Try different types of ribbon to complement each scarf’s colors and textures whether wool, cotton or silk. Mix coordinating solid shades or patterns within the same family of colors for cohesion. The ribbons will frame and personalize each scarf while preventing fraying along the edges.

Wear your customized scarves casually looped and tied, or in complementary bows against your outfit. Choose ribbon colors that pick up or contrast interestingly with the scarf for maximum visual impact. Friends and family will admire your inspired scarf tie designs and crafty ribbon skills.

6) Gift Toppers:

Dress up store-bought or handmade gifts beautifully with silk ribbon toppers. Cut various shapes from your ribbons like bows, circles, tags or banners in sizes both large and small. Attach them above or alongside wrapped packages using tape for minimal effort.

Play with layering different ribbon shapes, colors and textures together for visual interest. For example, layer a large bow on top with smaller circular charms tucked underneath. Make gift toppers coordinated yet unexpected by combining patterns like polka dots with stripes.

Write special tags for each gift with the recipient’s name, well-wishes or a short quote. Attach the tags in elegant ribbon curls or tied onto simple twine. Friends receiving your thoughtfully wrapped presents will appreciate the gorgeous ribbon flourishes that complement each gift perfectly.

7) Jewelry Enhancements:

Layer on ribbons as artistic accents for jewelry pieces. Cut short ribbon strips and tie them in small bows onto necklaces, bracelets or rings. Hot glue ribbon curls, spirals or shapes artistically onto basic accessories. Coordinate colors harmoniously to highlight and enhance each piece without overpowering it.

For necklaces, tie ribbon bows onto chain links or thread short ribbons directly through. Layer ribbons in varied textures like lace alongside silk for depth. Wrap watch bands, rings or bracelets with coordinated ribbons for a customized pop of color. Place ribbon medallions, charms or clips onto basic jewelry findings too.

Your handcrafted ribbon jewelry will look one-of-a-kind yet polished. Family and friends can enjoy wearing personalized accessories that suit any outfit or style perfectly thanks to your ribbon sense.

8) Coasters and Placemats:

Preserve basic drink coasters or placemats under a layer of beautiful silk ribbon for an instant surface upgrade. Cut ribbon circles or ovals about 1/4 inch larger than each surface piece, taking into account any overlays.

Lay the ribbon shapes face down and adhere them securely with craft glue or spray adhesive onto coasters or coasters. Take care smoothing out any air bubbles underneath. Now, your surfaces have a sleek silk covering that complements table settings beautifully.

Rotate ribbon colors based on seasons, holidays or mood. Solid shades and subtle patterns look especially refined underneath drinkware. Or bring whimsy by overlaying polka dots atop stripes. Guests will appreciate protecting surfaces from messes while admiring your ribbon craft.

These quick and affordable covered pieces let you stylize plain drink and dining areas in your unique ribbon sensibilities. Refresh covers periodically for continual visual interest too.

9) Organizational Accents:

Dress up everyday organization items with crafty ribbon details. Wrap short ribbons vertically around wooden pencils, pens or makeup brushes in coordinated strips. Tie ribbons around stacked notecards, recipe slips or paper clips in bows or bundles.

Get creative decoratively masking tape rolls and batteries by wrapping them entirely in long ribbons that fray cutely at the ends. Use ribbon tabs, spirals or shapes to mark sections within notebooks, binders or file folders attractively.

Friends and family will admire these whimsical touches applied to ordinary items they use daily. Your organizational accents make practical storage beautiful and help items like office supplies blend stylishly into any home décor.


This article showcased just a few of the many playful applications for your silk ribbon collection. Whether enhancing fashion, crafts, gifts, home décor or everyday essentials, ribbons bring life and beauty where they’re applied. Experiment fearlessly with combining various ribbons, colors and textures in unique ways. Have fun getting creative by following your artistic impulses without rules or limitations. The endless possibilities will keep you and loved ones enjoying your ribbons for many projects to come. Consider your ribbon stash a constant source for inspired self

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