10 Fun Uses for Your Holiday Gift Wrap Scraps

The holidays are such a fun time. There are presents, decorations, and brightly colored wrapping paper everywhere. But after all the gifts are unwrapped, you’re left with lots of scraps of leftover paper. Instead of throwing them out, here are 10 ideas for using up those gift wrap scraps in creative ways. Each project gives your scraps a new life well past the holidays.

1) Craft Festive Party Banners :

Make colorful banners to decorate for your next party using long strips of leftover wrapping paper. Cut paper into strips about 1 to 2 inches wide. Punch small holes along one short end and string ribbon or twine through the holes. You can tie several strips together to make one long banner. Write fun messages on the banners like “Happy Birthday” or the party theme using markers.

Make different banners in a variety of patterned papers and colors. Glue on small cutouts from other scraps too. Hang your homemade banners along staircases, over doorways, or across the ceiling. They’ll add a festive flair to your celebration, all made from scraps. Guests will love this handmade and reusable decoration.

2) Create Custom Greeting Cards :

Gift wrap scraps can be reused to make unique greeting cards to send to friends and family.

Cut paper into 5×7 inch card shapes and fold them in half. Decorate the front with die cuts, stickers, or small images cut from additional scraps. Punch holes on one side and tie with string, making the cards reusable. Write personal notes inside.

Homemade cards from scrap paper have a vintage charm. Make a batch to send thank you notes or birthday wishes any time of year. Your recipients will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness.

3) Decorate DIY Gift Tags :

Give gifts a custom personal touch with tags crafted from wrapping paper scraps.

Cut small 2×3 inch tags and write names or short messages directly onto them using glitter pens or stickers. Glue on a ribbon or sprinkle tiny glitter pieces. Punch one corner and thread string or jute twine so the tags can be easily attached. Design several styles to coordinate with different presents.

The tags can also label food gifts, baskets, or other donations. Later, the tags can double as ornaments, decorations, or name cards. Everyone will love the unique festive flair they add.

4) Make Paper Flowers and Bouquets :

Gift wrap scraps allow you to make realistic-looking paper flowers and bouquets.

Cut circles and petals using templates or freestyle with scissors. Layer overlapping petals in bloom shapes, gluing the centers. Add glossy leaves cut from green paper or ribbon accents. Tie together several flowers threaded on wire or curled ribbon to make arrangements. Display the bouquets on shelves and tables to enjoy their cheery colors all year.

Individual paper flowers also make darling party favors tied with jute string. The bouquets will last much longer than cut flowers, keeping the festive spirit alive.

5) Decorate Picture Frames :

Give photo frames a custom seasonal update using leftover wrapping paper.

Remove backs from small frames and cover the front of the frame completely with scraps, oriented vertically and horizontally, and secured with tape. Layer pieces to decorate ornately, matting photos within different patterns. Slide pictures back in when complete.

The personalized frames featuring cherished memories can be displayed year-round on mantels or bookshelves. Guests and family will appreciate the one-of-a-kind frames housing special snapshots. It’s a thoughtful way to give photos long-lasting frames from scraps.

6) Craft Gift Box Liners :

Instead of just decorating gift box exteriors, make the interiors special too by lining them with scrap wrapping paper. Measure and cut paper pieces to fit inside different-sized boxes, allowing overlays on edges. Secure linings in place with tape. Write names on tags tied through folded over paper edges. Fill boxes with cookies, candy or small favors tied with ribbons.

Later recipients can keep and reuse the paper-lined boxes, enjoying them for longer. It’s a lovely extra detail that lets gift-givers put their creative spin on presentations too using bits left over from previous seasons.

7) Make Holiday Wreaths:

Turn small scraps into festive wreath decorations. Cut paper into leaf, flower and other shapes. Use a Styrofoam ring as the base shape. Glue or tape the bottom row of cutouts around starting at the bottom, slightly overlapping each. Add successive rows going up, staggering placements. Top with a tied bow. Hang the one-of-a-kind paper wreaths on doors using ribbons to showcase your crafty talents. Later they can decorate mantels or walls with their burst of colorful prints. Guests and family members will be impressed by the beautiful handmade decorations made entirely from items that would have been tossed otherwise.

8) Decorate Ornaments (190 words)

Give new life to old glass ball ornaments using wrapping paper scraps. Use rubber cement or fabric glue to securely attach cutouts and shapes onto cleaned ornaments, layering patterns and textures across surfaces. Let dry fully before adding string or jute ribbon for hanging later. The personalized paper-covered bulbs make thoughtful homemade gifts too.

Display them on your own tree mixed amongst classic glass bulbs. Guests will admire your creative flair for upcycling materials into something treasured. Later the printed paper layers will remind of special seasonal memories from the crafting moments you shared together.

9) Assemble a Gift Wrap Scrapbook:

For scrapbook enthusiasts, the wrappings, ribbons, and packaging tell stories of each season. Layer and collage the scraps creatively onto sturdy paper cut into pages. Journal memories from the holidays next to visual elements. Punch holes and tie pages together as a book with ribbon for a keepsake to reminisce over fond times. Flip through and reminisce over Christmases, birthdays and other occasions captured. It preserves the nostalgia and creative flair that went into gift presentations year after year.

Future generations can learn about annual traditions too from the printed paper scrapbook pages lovingly assembled.

10) Make Coasters for Beverages:

Cut perfect circles from leftover wrapping paper slightly larger than the typical coaster size, about 4 inches across. Embellish the paper rounds by gluing on dried flowers, glitter, ribbon or small gems around rims if desired. Seal with a clear topcoat for protection.

Stack the finished decorative paper coasters inside wooden boxes or baskets for display. Place them under drinks to catch condensation and protect surfaces from water rings too. Guests will admire their festive flair. Later, they make thoughtful hostess gifts, also showcasing the repurposing spirit. No more scraps will go to waste thanks to these practical, eye-catching, upcycled coasters.

Final Words:

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to transform leftover gift wrap scraps into new treasures rather than just tossing them. Whether making banners, cards, tags or enhancing everyday items, these projects let your scraps continue bringing joy. I hope these 10 scrap craft ideas provide inspiration for fully utilizing pretty papers and ribbons long after the holidays are over. Most importantly, the homemade gifts from the heart will be treasured for years to come!

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