How to Wash Nike Shoes in a Washing Machine

Nike shoes are made to handle intense activity but also accumulate sweat and grime quickly. Regular washing helps maintain their support and freshness longer. When done carefully, most Nike shoes can be safely machine washed. Here are some tips for washing Nikes.

Why Machine Wash Nikes

Nikes experience heavy use, leaving dirt deeply embedded over time. Washing by hand doesn’t provide sufficient agitation to fully remove these soils. Additionally, machine washing is more efficient than scrubbing each shoe. With the right precautions, most Nike shoes are durable enough for machine cycles.

Inspect Shoe Materials

Check if uppers are:

  • Mesh/breathable fabrics (wash well)
  • Leather/suede (wipe clean only)
  • Rubber soles (generally durable)

Those labeled “machine washable” or made of strong synthetic fabrics do best. Delicate materials require special care.

Prepare Shoes Thoroughly

To prevent snags:

  • Remove laces, insoles and extras
  • Turn shoes inside out
  • Check for loose stitches/glue prone to failure
  • Mend any tears before washing

Proper prep reduces risks of damage during agitation.

Use Gentle Settings

Opt for:

  • Delicate or hand wash cold water cycle
  • Lowest or no spin to minimize stress
  • Shortest cycle time to limit abrasion

Going slowly is less harsh on shoe construction.

Load Shoes Carefully

For best cleaning and to avoid scuffs:

  • One pair per load
  • Place soles don’t tangle
  • Don’t overload the washer
  • Secure with tight knots if laces aren’t removed

Proper positioning prevents injury during machine tumbling.

Add Cleaning Boosters

For tough soils, consider:

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar added to wash water
  • Baking soda paste on heavily soiled areas
  • Oxygen-based presoaks for odors

Boosters break down baked-on residues safely.

Inspect Before Drying

Check that:

  • Shoes are completely clean inside and out
  • Materials show no damage or deformation
  • Extract cycle fully removed water
  • Repeat wash if dirt remains

Thorough drying preserves Nikes’ supportiveness long-term.

Air Dry Completely

To maintain shape:

  • Remove promptly from washer while damp
  • Stuff with paper for retention of form
  • Dry out of direct sun 2-3 days
  • Rotate periodically

Slow air drying is gentler than high heat methods.

Specific Shoe Considerations

  • Check mesh for stretching post-wash
  • Hand wash logos to fully restore whites
  • Wipe down leather/suede sections
  • Allow extra drying time for thick soles

Detail care maximizes the useful lifespan of Nikes.

Wash Frequency Tips

Guidelines include:

  • Every 5 uses to prevent buildup
  • After salty-sweat heavy workouts
  • When odors develop between wears
  • At minimum monthly with constant use

Consistent cleaning prevents dirt from embedding deeper over time.

In conclusion, machine washing offers a fast, thorough clean for most durable Nike shoes. Gentle cycles and careful loading/drying extends the lifetime and odor protection provided by favorite pairs. Together with periodic cleansing, Nikes stay fresh and supportive season after season.

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