How to Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes

Skechers Go Walk shoes combine style and comfort for all-day wear. However, their breathable fabrics readily absorb sweat and dirt over time. Regular cleaning is important to maintain the freshness and lifespan of these shoes. Here are some tips for washing Go Walk sneakers.

Why Go Walks Need Washing

Go Walk shoes feature mesh uppers for airflow while walking. This porous design allows dirt and moisture to seep in easily during wear. Additionally, bodily oils and foot odors bond with fabrics. Washing rescues cleanliness and odor protection benefits.

Check Shoe Materials

Understand your pair’s construction:

  • Mesh uppers (clean well in machine)
  • Leather/suede details (hand wash only)
  • Rubber soles (withstand machine cycles)

Knowing materials guides the safest approach.

Prepare Shoes Thoroughly

To prevent damage:

  • Remove laces and insoles for hand washing
  • Turn shoes inside out for interior cleaning
  • Check for loose threads or cracked glue areas

Proper prep preserves shoes during agitation.

Hand Washing is Best

For breathable uppers:

  • Fill basin with cold water and mild detergent
  • Submerge and gently agitate to lift dirt
  • Rinse until suds disappear
  • Squeeze excess water and air dry fully

Slow motion avoids deforming fabrics or structures.

Spot Clean as Needed

For stuck-on soils try:

  • Baking soda paste on stubborn areas
  • Old toothbrush to scrub rubbing spots
  • White vinegar or stain remover on odors

Patience with boosters fully removes ground-in dirt.

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Consider the Washing Machine

If hand cleaning fails:

  • Place shoes in a zippered lingerie bag on delicate cycle
  • Use cold water and shortest cycle possible
  • Check for damage and air dry right away

Machines require special care with porous fabrics.

Dry Patientsly

To maintain footbed shape:

  • Remove promptly after washing while damp
  • Stuff with paper if collapsing while drying
  • Allow 2-3 days to fully air dry outdoors
  • Inspect for mildew before storage if not fully dry

Allowing ample time preserves supporting qualities.

Wash Frequency Tips

Guidelines include:

  • Every 4-6 wears to prevent dirt buildup
  • After sweaty gym sessions or long daily walks
  • Whenever odors develop between uses
  • Monthly minimum for shoes in constant rotation

Consistent cleaning prevents soils from compacting deeper.

Specific Material Tips

  • Check mesh for stretching post-wash
  • Hand wash logos/numbers to fully restore whites
  • Wipe down suede heel tabs or accents
  • Stuff loosely if insoles pop out while drying

Detail care maximizes the lifespan of Go Walk shoes.

In conclusion, regular cleaning restores freshness and odor protection to well-worn Go Walk sneakers. Hand washing or machine laundering when done carefully preserves breathability and cushioned comfort. Combined with proper drying, periodic washing keeps Skechers walking partners feeling great for longer.

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